Calling all Clone Club members: the brand new trailer for Orphan Black Season 4 has arrived, and it is INTENSE.

It is also only 15 seconds long, but it is still INTENSE.

Oh gosh, where did we even leave off with Sarah, Cosima, Allison, Helena, and Rachel? For starters, Sarah had finally reunited with her daughter, Kira, in Iceland; Cosima and Delphine reconciled, but then Delphine was shot by an unseen assailant; Allison is now a school trustee, oh and also a budding drug kingpin; Helena managed to kill the worst of the guy clones, Rudy, and as far as we know, she’s still pregnant. If that’s not enough, new-clone Krystal took Rachel’s place in the Dyad hospital, which means that Rachel’s whereabouts are currently unknown.

Wherever she is, she’s with her long-lost adoptive mom (!!), who is probably part of the neolutionists, and has also given Rachel a trippy new bionic eye, to replace the one that Sarah destroyed with a pencil at the end of Season 2. Is that enough to make your clone heads spin?

The quick teaser for Season 4 focuses on Rachel’s new bionic eye — unless bionic eyes are now standard for all Dyad clones. In a blink of an eye (literally) Rachel’s iris disappears and is replaced by some sort of machine. Is that… a camera? Does Rachel now have x-ray vision? Can she shoot fire from her eyes? WE NEED TO KNOW.

Orphan Black returns to BBC America in April 2016. Check out the trailer below, and may this season finally be the season that star Tatiana Maslany snags her much-deserved Emmy.

(Image via BBC America.)