A Series Of Unfortunate Events
Credit: Joe Lederer / Netflix

The Netflix series based on a book series A Series of Unfortunate Events has fortunately been renewed for Season 2! The series premiered on Netflix in January and apparently drew enough praise from audiences and critics to warrant another season.

Netflix announced the decision in an unusual way: They released a video on YouTube that creates a secret message that once decoded, leads to another website. Can you figure it out? Here’s the video:

The video directs you to a URL where you can find news on from Lemony Snicket himself. In case you missed it, check out “” to see all of the details but here’s an excerpt from the letter:

The letter continues on to announce the second season and ends with:

On the other hand, the star of A Series of Unfortunate Events, Neil Patrick Harris, was happy actually!

Does anyone else get totally creeped out when he’s dressed like Count Olaf?! I guess that’s kinda the point.

Credit: Netflix

No news on when Season 2 will be available but at least now we can celebrate! Unless you’re one of the Baudelaire children, of course.