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September 14, 2017 3:00 pm
Randy Holmes via Getty Images

Just one day after suggesting that Melissa McCarthy share her Saturday Night Live Emmy with him, Sean Spicer sat down with Jimmy Kimmel for his first interview since leaving the White House.

During the Wednesday appearance on Live!, the former White House press secretary spoke about President Donald Trump’s inauguration crowd size, the President’s tweeting and “alternative facts.”

“Why is he so concerned with size, have you ever seen the President naked?” Kimmel asked Spicer. “I have not,” he replied.

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Kimmel asked if he was now distancing himself from Trump. Spicer said: “Absolutely not.”

Spicer resigned from his position in July after Trump named former New York hedge fund executive Anthony Scaramucci as his communications director.

He agreed to come on Live! when Kimmel tweeted a throwback picture of the two of them posing together with the caption, “Dear [Sean Spicer] – if I promise to look AT the camera this time, will you come to my show next week?”

“It’s a deal, does next Wednesday work,” Spicer replied.

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Watch the full clip above.