katie lowes
Credit: Amanda Edwards/WireImage/Getty Images

On Scandal, Quinn Perkins is beautiful, outspoken, and fierce. Now, we know the actress who plays her, Katie Lowes, is exactly the same. Lowes spoke up about a skin condition she deals with called psoriasis, which causes red, scaly skin outbreaks.

The actress partnered with an initiative called Psoriasis: The Inside Story, which brings awareness to the condition.

“This is the untold story we can’t keep inside any longer. By watching our videos, reading our blog posts, and sharing stories of our own—we can learn how to face what’s holding us back, together,” reads the initiative’s mission.

Doctors diagnosed Lowes with psoriasis after she started Scandal. The stress of the show and being newly famous, as well as planning her wedding and just genetics jumpstarted her first flare.

Now, Lowes has found a lifestyle and doctors that help her control outbreaks. She encourages people with psoriasis to take control of their treatment.

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More than eight million Americans live with either psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis, including many high-profile celebrities. Kim Kardashian has talked often about her struggle with the condition. In addition, singer LeAnn Rimes has also been honest about how psoriasis has affected her life.

Because people like Lowes are willing to be vulnerable about psoriasis, the condition loses much of its stigma. And people are more willing to open up about it. Also, maybe all this added awareness will get us that much closer to a cure.