Kellywise on Saturday Night Live
Credit: NBC

Saturday Night Live is usually hilarious, but last night it got just a little bit creepy. OK, it got very, very creepy. The It sketch on SNL with Kellyanne Conway as Pennywise sort of perfectly summed up most everyone’s feelings about cable news in the days of “alternative facts.” It’s a surreal place to live in.

The sketch began with Anderson Cooper, played by Alex Moffat, finishing up his show and talking to a producer about needing guests. She suggests White House spokesperson Kellyanne Conway, but Cooper insists that they aren’t that desperate. But “Kellywise” had another plan in mind. Cooper stops above a sewer with a red ballon and there’s Kellyanne, played by the genius Kate McKinnon, looking more like Pennywise than her regular self.

Cooper has some trouble recognizing her at first. “What did you you do to your makeup?” he asks. “I toned it down,” Kellywise answers him.

Already, Saturday Night Live‘s Kellywise is creepy AF.

She begs him to let her on the air, but he’s not having it, even though she gets scarier and scarier. “Come on, Coopy,” Kellywise says. She promises to say ridiculous things. Like that Puerto Rico was better off before Hurricane Maria (OUCH.) or that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson simply asked Trump to put more sprinkles on his ice cream sundae and never called him a “moron.” You know, the usual alternate facts that have actually gotten her barred from joining his panel on TV.

Kellywise promises scary things will happen if he doesn’t let her on the show and holds up newspapers with headlines such as, “Trump Elected For Second Term” and “Anderson Cooper Fat Now.”

But the most disturbing part is when McKinnon’s Kellywise morphs into none other than Hillary Clinton herself, offering Anderson a copy of her new book if he joins her, Kellyanne, and Rachel Maddow in the gutter. You’ll have to watch the Saturday Night Live sketch to see what happens.

This sketch was a perfect companion to February’s sketch with McKinnon again playing Conway and Beck Bennett playing Jake Tapper. Instead of It, they played out a scene from Fatal Attraction, all with the same premise of Kellyanne Conway wanting so desperately to get back on cable news and speak her “truths.”

Once upon a time, those scary movies used to really freak us out. But now we’re not sure what’s worse.