American Horror Story: Spoilers.

As you’re well aware by now (and if this is a surprise to you, seriously stop what you’re doing and go watch American Horror Story: Roanoke), this season is ~documentary style~. That means, we’ve got a past and present timeline: Shelby in the future (as a Talking Head) describes details to us about a strange encounter, while Shelby from the past (as an “actor”) reenacts them. Make sense? Great.

Last week we talked about a good theory regarding the two Shelbys. Basically, no where in the show does it actually state who is the REAL Shelby, and who is the ACTOR Shelby. The show just assumes we believe that Talking Head Shelby is real — and we do! But also, we’ve got questions, because since the theme of Season 6 is actually ~MISDIRECTS~ this could be another fast one AHS is trying to pull on us. The “actor” Shelby could actually be the REAL Shelby, and the whole premise is actually flipped.

During a Google hangout with the YouTube channel GoldDerby, Paulson was pressed for information about the new season. This interview actually took place back in August, back before we knew ANYTHING (but lol, we thought we knew everything). During it, she was asked for a one word description of her upcoming character. Instead of offering up one, she gave three:

“Real live human.”

Well, duh, her “~actor~” Shelby is a real live human, but let’s interpret this another way. Is Paulson ACTUALLY hinting at the fact that her Shelby is the REAL Shelby? A month ago, we never would have thought twice about this comment. But you know, hindsight is always 20/20. This could be a big clue that everything is not what it seems in Roanoke, and we’re not going to stop till we know the AHS TRUTH.