Rachel Paige
March 27, 2017 10:17 am
Amanda Edwards / Contributor / Getty Images

While every season of American Horror Story has been a stand-alone anthology season, many characters, themes, places, and ghosts from past seasons have slowly seeped their way back into the current story. Just this past season, Roanoke, we were treated to an Asylum and Freak Show shoutout, and who knows what Season 7 will bring.

And star (and queen) Sarah Paulson, knows which AHS role she wants to reprise, and it just might happen.

During the American Horror Story PaleyFest, Sarah — who has been a part of the show since Season 1 — was asked what character she’d like to revisit again (and no, Lana Winters doesn’t count).

Sarah doesn’t even have to think long and hard about this one: The once and future Supreme, Cordelia.


NO WAY, that’s something we’d like to know, too!

Sarah also might have just tipped her hat crown as to who’s coming back in Season 7. All we know so far about Season 7 is that it is “~election themed~” and no, no one knows exactly what that means! But, if Cordelia still the Supreme, what’s going to stop her from using her powers for good when it comes to politics?

Well, when you’re the Supreme, nothing actually stops you, so…

Unfortunately, we’re still a long time away from seeing Cordelia again, if she returns. AHS is slated to start shooting this summer, with a premiere date in the fall. Just to be on the safe side, start getting your all-black wardrobe ready.