Alyssa Thorne
Updated Sep 27, 2017 @ 3:57 pm

We’re booking a trip to New York City STAT, because Sarah Jessica Parker is giving a Sex and the City walking tour. Our style guide prohibits us from using the 400 exclamation points that we’d like to put at the end of that sentence, so just pretend every sentence ends with 400 exclamation points — so you get a proper read on our level of enthusiasm.

This mind-boggling, once-in-a-lifetime experience is offered through Airbnb, and all things considered, the $400 price tag just isn’t that bad. Because all proceeds will go to charity.

Not that we have $400 (plus airfare) to throw around. But usually when we catch wind of some celebrity-endorsed experience we could potentially attend or watch, it comes with a comical price tag. However, this is going to charity and, according to SJP, it seems well worth the price for what she says you get:

Shoe shopping with the real, actual Carrie Bradshaw? Froyo and serious face time to make SJP our best friend? Maybe we can find that $400 after all…