Credit: Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Since she stormed onto the scene as the fashionable Carrie Bradshaw, we’ve admired basically everything about Sarah Jessica Parker. So it only seems appropriate that the actress should impart more wisdom upon us while wearing some seriously gorgeous clothing.

During an interview for The Edit, the talented Sarah Jessica Parker admitted the “Sex in the City” regret that still bothers her all these years later.

Not surprisingly, the actress’ regret centers around clothing. Her character tried on a ~ton~ of outfit options and she wishes she had documented more of the experience.

But Sarah didn’t just want pictures of her character’s gorgeous outfits or colorful combinations. It was specifically the shoes she wishes she had kept track of.

To be fair, Sex in the City existed before the mainstream popularity of any sort of photo sharing app. Just imagining Carrie Bradshaw’s Instagram account is enough to send you in a fashion tailspin.

Sarah’s reasoning was understandable. She wanted to remain professional in those circumstances.

Based on the amazing array of shoes she did end up wearing on the show, we can only imagine how many never made it to the limelight.

Despite the fact that she didn’t get pictures, she was still very inspired by all the shoes she encountered. Enough, at least, to form her own shoe line. And hopefully, of course, she now knows to take plenty of pictures of each gorgeous pair.