Credit: HBO

For many of us, the iconic role of Carrie Bradshaw could not be played by anyone other than the brilliant Sarah Jessica Parker. The snappy dialogue, amazing fashion, and relationships (both love and friendship) made Sex and the City one of HBO’s staples and a fan favorite, and SJP was absolutely perfect as the lead. But in a recent episode of People’s The Jess Cagle Interview, Sarah Jessica Parker explained that she almost quit the show before it even started!

SJP shot the pilot of Sex and the City after being cast in the role she would inhibit for six seasons and two movies, but she truly didn’t think the show would go anywhere. In fact, she was hoping to keep her schedule the same as it was before the show:

Luckily for all of us, SJP was talked into doing a full season and eventually signed on for more. She now calls her time on Sex and the City:

Thank the television gods! Now, Sarah Jessica Parker can be seen heading the HBO series Divorce — which once again shows a different side to a topic people seem to know a lot about. Hopefully, the show gets the same strong following because SJP deserves it!