Meaghan Kirby
July 25, 2017 12:09 pm

There are few characters on Game of Thrones as curious as Samwell Tarly, Jon Snow’s BFF and current maester-in-training. The character, who spent the first few seasons on the show as the chief candidate for the “How is he still alive?” award, has become one of the most important players in the game now that it seems a long-running theory might actually be true. Spoilers for GoT episode “Stormborn” ahead.

When he isn’t cutting the Greyscale off Jorah and warning Jon Snow about the dragonglass under Dragonstone, Sam *might* just be recording the events of everything happening in the series. While the theory that Sam is the “author” of A Song of Ice and Fire has been around for a little bit, it’s starting to pick up steam with the latest season of GoT.


During “Stormborn,” we find our favorite maester-in-training in the citadel library mentor Archmaester Ebrose, who lectures Sam about the importance of being stylistic and well-researched while writing histories, casually mentioning that he’s working on A Chronicle of the Wars Following the Death of King Robert I.

Yes, this means Archmaester George R.R. Ebrose is basically working on Game of Thrones right now — but with a much more meh title. When Sam doesn’t seem totally on board with the title, he admits to Ebrose that he’d go for something “a bit more poetic.” Maybe something like, oh I don’t know:

A Song of Ice and Fire?

But now that we know that someone is *actually* working on the aftermath of Robert Baratheon’s tragic “accident” with a boar, and that someone is Sam’s very old mentor, it seems more likely than ever that Sam will be the one to tell — or at least help tell — the story.

Sam Tarly certainly has come a long way since his clumsy introduction at The Wall in Season 1 and we’ll hopefully find out soon if he’s our narrator.