Bethany Biron
Updated Jan 15, 2017 @ 9:39 am

It looks like Women & Women First will soon be shutting its fictional doors. In case you’re not a huge Portlandia fan, Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisten play Candace and Toni, the owners of a feminist bookstore in Portland, in one of their most popular ongoing sketches on the hilarious series.

Portlandia won the hearts of many for its satirization of hipster culture in Portland, lovingly poking fun at liberal-leaning topics like environmentalism and veganism.

Despite the occasional outcry, the show has been widely successful and has featured several prominent guest stars, including Louis C.K., Aubrey Plaza, Kirsten Dunst and Steve Buscemi.

However, this next season will be its last season according to the show’s network, IFC.

Armisten, who co-created the show with Brownstein and Jonathan Krisel, had previously hinted that the eight season would likely be the last. But their wording has left us with hope for maybe something else in the future. (Like maybe a movie?! Spinoff show?! Please say yes!)

Portlandia helped put IFC on the map as a home for quirky comedy.

And IFC president Jennifer Caserta praised the show in a recent statement.

Hopefully, we’ll see more from this dream team in the future. Even if it doesn’t all take place in (a fictional version of) Portland.

Alright, time to go put a bird on it.