Credit: FX

If you’re still reeling from the events of the sixth episode of American Horror Story: Roanoke — appropriately titled, “Chapter 6” — you’re not alone. We knew all along that a big ~twist~ was coming for the show, but none of us where expecting something quite like this:

In hopes of capitalizing on the popularity of “My Roanoke Nightmare,” Sidney (the producer) sends everyone back to Roanoke, for “Return to Roanoke: Three Days In Hell.” That premise alone doesn’t sound to scary, but it’s downright terrifying once we learn that every single person in the MurdeR House is going to die.

Everyone, except one.

It’s an incredibly chilling twist, since all along watching “My Roanoke Nightmare” we knew Matt, Shelby, and Lee survived because, well, they were filming a documentary about it. Now anyone of them could be the house’s next victim — and any one of them could actually be directly involved in the murders — whether a participant or actually killing the others, we don’t know.

In an interview with E! News after “Chapter 6” aired, AHS Czar Ryan Murphy explained that while the “real” Matt, Shelby, and Lee are now back in the house, they’re also the only three that *really* know what went down there the first time. One — or all three of them! — could be an unreliable narrator, and their story about the first round of “Roanoke Nightmare” hauntings might be leaving out lots of details.

“You cannot trust them,” Murphy states. “I think all three of them are…What they said and what they explained in their version of events is not actually the truth.”

“It’s a very energizing twist and subsequent episodes are even more intense and even more harrowing. It’s a very large cast, in our typical AHS fashion, but only one of them makes it out alive, and I think that’s a really fun thing for the audience to be watching and guessing who’s going to be the survivor. Who’s going to be the last one standing. And then what’s going to happen to that person.”

And now, what ~secrets~ is this ONE PERSON holding about the true nature of the MurdeR House??