Rachel Paige
September 12, 2016 11:41 am
Prashant Gupta/FX

Though the theme and setting of American Horror Story is still tightly locked away (and will stay that way until Wednesday night), we have been given a few tiny pieces of information. Like, Evan Peters has red hair! And Lady Gaga is playing a “grounded” character! There’s also those images from the set, that still may or may not be real! We don’t have a lot of information about the new season (and that’s the point), but we’ve got a few things.

Now, we’ve even got a little bit more. At the T-minus 72 hour mark, Ryan Murphy has spilled just enough to hold us over for the home stretch.

Talking to YouTube channel GoldDerby on the Creative Arts Emmys red carpet, he was willing to share the *tiniest* bit about what’s coming.

“[Season 6] will be familiar and shocking, I think, to people what [the theme] is,” he explained. “We’re playing with a different form, so it’s not like any Horror season you’ve ever seen. It’s very very radically different [with] the narrative structure of what we’re doing.”

Okay, time to digest that. By suggesting that it will be ~familiar~ that SUPER hints at the fact that yes, Season 6 will be, in some way, connected to a prior season (like, Vivien and Tate’s baby, Michael??).  By adding in the fact that it’s ~shocking~, that sure feels like whatever we think is coming, it’ll go in a completely different direction instead (anyone else up for seeing another side of Coven? Or…those aliens?).

Murphy has previously stated that this season will have elements of past and present, and while that could simply mean flashbacks to prior events, probably not. This is AHS we’re talking about, and that’s simply too easy. And whatever’s going on, it’s actually still A SECRET — meaning that no, it’s likely no one’s figured out Season 6, so it’s probably not The Mist. Or any other of the dozen theories we’ve got floating out there.

He added, “I’m shocked that [Season 6 has] really been under wraps as well as it’s been.”

At least the wait is FINALLY almost over. AHS Season 6 lands on our television sets Wednesday night at 10pm.