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Back in college, Rate My Professor was the most ah-mazing tool to use when you were class shopping in the summer. It was truly the best way to know whether or not you should take a class with a certain professor — all you had to do was check their ratings and reviews from real life students who did. Almost EVERY professor had a Rate My Professor page. And guess who else has a Rate My Professor page? PROFESSOR ROSS GELLER.

While we can’t be certain that the mastermind that created this fake Rate My Professor page is a student, we do know that his “students” had a lot to say about everything from his relationships, his teaching style, and how he grades.

Despite Ross’ antics at NYU, he managed to snag an okay RMP rating at 3.8. By many people’s selection standards, that’s a professor worth taking! He also grabbed the much-coveted chili pepper for hotness.

But anyway, let’s get to the real stuff, like what his fictional students had to say. One remarked that Dr. Geller is “weird about breaks,” and another student named Rachel wrote that he was a professor with a lack of integrity. Yikes! Here are some other gems:

Credit: Rate My Professor
Credit: Rate My Professor
Credit: Rate My Professor

For the most part, they seem to really like Dr. Geller, noting that he’s hilarious, though sometimes odd. Fair enough assessment.

Though Ross’ impact will live on, we wish that he was a real professor so we could enroll in this class!