Kayleigh Roberts
Updated May 25, 2016 @ 11:46 am
rory journalist
Credit: Warner Bros. Television

Remember when this picture from the Gilmore Girls reunion was released and we all thought it meant Rory might have grown up to be a teacher?

Credit: Netflix

It made sense. Rory had a passion for knowledge and learning and it looked like she was running the show in front of a room full of students at her old alma mater, Chilton.

Well, anyone who thought, “Nah, Rory isn’t teaching at Chilton, she’s just a guest speaker,” may have turned out to be right. Why? Because new evidence has surfaced that suggests Rory Gilmore continued her path toward journalism domination and settled in to a job as a journalist in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

Credit: Warner Bros. Television / Tumblr

That evidence comes in the form of an Instagram posted by Tanc Sade, who according to IMDb will be reprising his role as Finn in two installments of the Gilmore Girls reboot. He posted a picture a signed prop — a copy of the Stars Hollow Gazette that bears Rory’s byline on the front page.

So there you have it. It appears as though Rory may have followed her journalism dreams after all.