Rachel Paige
Updated Sep 14, 2016 @ 12:00 pm
Credit: Warner Bros.

In literally the second episode of Gilmore Girls, Rory Gilmore announces that she wants to be a reporter like Christiane Amanpour and, “travel, see the world up close, report on what’s really going on… and write books and articles about what [she] sees.”

Well, friends. It looks like Rory Gilmore believed in her dreams, and she has since achieved her dreams.

When Gilmore Girls: A Year in the life picks up, Rory is a hard-hitting reporter.

Earlier this year, a picture from the upcoming Netflix series was released, and it showed Rory hanging out in a classroom. With an image like that we were all like, “OMG RORY IS A TEACHER, THIS IS GREAT.” That’s actually not the case; she still visits a classroom, clearly, probably to share her wise wisdom and learning with the future generations. But she’s not a teacher, she’s a writer.

Gilmore Girls
| Credit: Neil Jacobs/Netflix

In the latest issue of Us Weekly, Alexis Bledel confirms that this is her chosen path, and we couldn’t be happier. Last we saw Rory, she was boarding a bus to hit the campaign trail, and it sounds like she never left.

BRB, just crying a little about the fact that all Rory’s dreams come true. Believe in your dreams, kids 💫