Rogelio did this incredibly sweet thing for Xo on “Jane the Virgin” and it’s TOO MUCH

Everybody spends a lot of time discussing Jane’s love life on Jane the Virgin — and understandably so. It’s her story, and the guys she dates are like… y’know, kinda gorgeous and perfect and while we’re on this topic if any Jane the Virgin writers are reading this, will you please write our lives? Thanks. But Jane’s mother, Xiomara, doesn’t get nearly enough love in her own right — or gossip about her love life. While at first Rogelio seemed ridiculous, now we realize that he’s truly a good guy with a heart of gold, and, guys, Rogelio and Xo are MEANT TO BE. Well, he’s still ridiculous. But we love him for it.


Unfortunately, Rogelio and Xo broke up last season, after finding themselves unable to bridge the gap between Rogelio’s desire for more children, and Xo’s desire to live her own life and focus on her career and grandchildren.

Suffice to say, we were pretty heartbroken. But on last night’s episode, Rogelio showed that he’s not only grown SO MUCH since he first appeared on the show, but that he still loves Xiomara. When he pitched his format to the CW (hilarious, CW) and they told him they didn’t want him to act in it, he decided to call in a favor from Gloria Estefan to attach her to the project and get it greenlit.


But as soon as Jane told Rogelio that Xo was thinking about giving up on her singing career, he immediately called Gloria Estefan and asked her to come watch Xo sing instead.


Is that the sweetest thing you have ever heard, OR the sweetest thing you have ever heard?! We think it’s SO wonderful that they’ve found such genuine love and respect for one another, to the extent of this incredible selflessness that may have lost Rogelio his show, even if they can’t be ~together.~