The television gods have been gracing us with an endless stream of exciting reboots lately. There’s Gilmore Girls, Full House, Will & Grace, and now — wait for it — Rocko’s Modern Life.

YUP, the O-Town gang is heading back to the small screen with a one-hour TV special called Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling.

All the original voice actors are coming back for the reboot, which will revolve around Rocko and the whole crew trying to make it in the 21st century.

Annnnnd it looks like some of the characters are loving the brand new high-tech life more than others…

If your ’90s nostalgia isn’t already hitting peak levels, we ALSO have Hey Arnold! and Invader Zim TV moviesto look forward to. Not a lot has been released on Invader Zim, but we know that Hey Arnold! will pick up right where the show left off — only this time in the jungles of San Lorenzo.

Okay, so, while we’re at it, who’s ready for a Rugrats reunion?!