Madison Vanderberg
October 27, 2017 3:04 pm

With only a few days left before Halloween, there are only so many costume ideas you can still assemble with some degree of ease. Black dress with cat ears is always a go-to OR you can try for a pop culture-inspired look. Yes, that Pennywise costume from It is fantastic, but what about just dressing like the cast from Riverdale?¬†The show is so popular, you’re guaranteed to get high fives no matter where you go. AND because it’s a show about regular high school kids, you likely have all the costume’s items in your closet anyway. The other best thing about dressing like a TV show character is that you can gather some friends and make it a group endeavor.

Here are 10 examples of perfect Riverdale-inspired Halloween costumes.

1We love that Jughead is the perfect gender neutral costume.

2Just some River Vixens dabbing, you know, as you do.

3You can piece together¬†Riverdale-inspired costumes from your wardrobe if you’re looking for last-minute couples’ costume ideas.

4Throw on some pearls and a yellow baseball tee and you’re Veronica.

5With a Betty costume, you just need a sweater and a white blouse.

6If you like Riverdale but still want to be spooky, what about dead Jason Blossom?

7It’s also a perfect group costume idea…

8…Or couples costume.

9Red hair paint = instant Archie. Also, let’s be real, that’s what KJ Apa’s hair looks like anyway.

10One more Jughead Jones dress-up just because.

What are you dressing as on Halloween?

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