Archie and Veronica kiss on "Riverdale"
Credit: The CW

Riverdale took over our television sets last year. Since then, we’ve fallen in love with the stars and the show itself. And possibly no one more so than Camila Mendes. In a recent interview, Medes said that season 2 will find us seeing a “more sexual” Riverdale.

We’ve talked a lot about the Riverdale cast and why we love them. Mendes continues to show us how amazing she is by speaking out about casting directors whosay she isn’t “Latina enough.” And we’re also obsessed with Lili Reinhart and her openness about acne, makeup, and more. Not to mention Cole Sprouse and his hilarious tweets. We just love all the amazing cast members.

So of course we’re ready for a more risqué Riverdale.

Camila Mendes sat down with Entertainment Weekly to talk about Riverdale Season 2 and Archie and Veronica’s relationship.

ICYMI, after kissing in the first episode, Archie and Veronica were flirty but distant before finally getting together near the end of season 1. They shared a few steamy scenes, but fans are ready to see more.

Mendes shared a few more details, too.

Aww! And that’s not all.

The show returns on October 11th, and we can’t wait to be back at Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe with our favorite characters. If you still haven’t caught the bug, don’t worry. You still have a bit of time to catch up on Season 1. And really, this is one show you don’t want to miss! We can’t wait to be back with Betty, Jughead, Veronica, Archie and the rest of Riverdale.