Rachel Paige
November 17, 2017 9:00 am
Disney Channel

Growing up is hard, but everyone has to do it sometime — including princesses. And while your “adult” things might include learning how to balance a checkbook and setting up your own phone plan, if your dad is the king, you’ve got to learn how to rule the kingdom in his place…and that means making some decisions that might weight a little but heavy on your heart. It’s something Princess Rapunzel is going to learn the hard way on Tangled: The Series.

This week’s episode, “Queen for a Day,” has Rapunzel taking over ruling duties while her parents go away for their anniversary. And while everything starts off with fun, games, and hugging kittens, things quickly take a turn. Rapunzel’s going to have to learn very quickly that the decisions you make can sometimes have dire consequents for yourself, your friends, and everyone in the kingdom you’re overseeing for the weekend — and talk about an adult wake up call.

Does this all sound a bit too heavy for a show on Disney Channel? Well, that’s the point. Tangled: The Series isn’t your every day Saturday morning cartoon (and not just because it actually airs on Sundays).

This question of “who am I” and “what do I want to do” is something we’ve all asked ourselves before, and Rapunzel’s going to find herself in that conundrum. However, this quarter-life princess crisis isn’t necessarily something she was planning on tackling this weekend. And Rapunzel is by no means a bad temporary Queen (and remember, one day she will be Queen, because we’ve all seen Tangled the Movie), but right now, she’s very much growing, and figuring out what she wants to do — and how seemingly simple issues can spiral out of control.

Are you, too, realizing that decisions aren’t as easy as you initially thought? To put it simply, Rapunzel’s struggle during the episode is relatable AF. We’ve got an exclusive clip from the episode, that shows Raps really weighting what she has to do…and then being distracted by snow. And honestly, same. Being an adult is so. hard.

Ready to find out what happens next? Rapunzel is, too. “Queen for a Day” airs Sunday, November 19th at 7pm on Disney Channel.