Karen Fratti
April 16, 2017 11:53 am
Twitter / twitter.com

Bill Nye has been around for-EVER, but for his new Netflix series, he’s called in some decidedly modern help to ~hip things up~ a bit — like getting rapper and producer Tyler, The Creator to write the new Bill Nye theme song. It pays homage to the old tune, which will forever be stuck in your head after reading this, but makes it, well, cooler.

In a conversation with Nye, Tyler told the Science Guy that he was psyched to help the man out, saying that Nye’s original show made kids “not hate science.” Which is *exactly* the point of Nye’s whole schtick. The new theme song also makes science seem cool (seriously, who’s better than Tyler, The Creator to do that?).

Nye was pumped listening to the preview of the new theme song, which will play before his Netflix show, Bill Nye Saves The World.

Said Nye, “He’s got the beat!”

You have to admit, it’s pretty catchy. Check out the original below for comparison.

Nye’s new show, which premieres April 21st, is less about wacky science experiments and more like a late night show — sort of in the vein of Chelsea Handler’s Netflix series. Except, you know, about science. There are demonstrations, of course, but they take on a more activist vibe, explaining issues like climate change and the effect of greenhouse gases.

There are also panel discussions with experts on a single topic in each episode, and field reporting video segments exploring things, for example, like the polio vaccination in developing countries.

The world could use more Bill Nye right now. The Trump administration is hitting science pretty hard, if only by cutting budgets for agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency and National Parks, in addition to the fact that many of Donald Trump’s cabinet members don’t believe in climate change at all.

So a mainstream show on Netflix, that’s all about making science accessible — and entertaining, let’s face it — is a welcome addition to our TV streaming diet. Maybe Bill Nye really can save the world.