Crystal Ro
Updated Sep 21, 2016 @ 3:04 pm
Credit: HBO

While filming for Game of Thrones Season 7 gets underway in Belfast, we’ve already received our fair share of spoilers and cast sightings that have got us crazy excited for 2017. And one of the latest reports about the upcoming season from the ever-faithful Watchers on the Wall is a doozy. So, be warned…

…if you want to go into Season 7 of Thrones as clean as Melisandre after a hot bath, stop here.

Credit: HBO

Okay, so according to the WotW report, their “reliable sources” say that actor Paul Kaye, who played Thoros of Myr, will have a much larger part in Season 7 than in Season 6.

Lord of Light shit will be baaaaack, y’all.

Credit: HBO

If you recall, the last time we saw Thoros, he and Beric Dondarrion were recruiting The Hound, post-execution of Lem and his jerks (the dudes who killed The Hound’s religious buddies, remember?). So, it’s probably safe to assume this means The Hound will be joining Thoros, Beric, and the Brotherhood without Banners. Thoros did ominously say that, “we are part of something larger than ourselves,” and it sounded like they would be heading North to stop the “rising cold winds” with the help of the Lord of Light.

And, for the Hound’s sake, hopefully they find some chicken along the way.

So why is Thoros so important?

Well, Thoros – a somewhat underrated character IMO – hasn’t been in a ton of episodes throughout Thrones, but he was very pivotal in Season 3. Back then, if you recall Episode 5, “Kissed by Fire”, he brought Beric Dondarrion (Mr. Eyepatch) back to life after The Hound killed Beric in a trial by combat.


Credit: HBO

We also learned in the next episode that Thoros actually brought Beric back to life SIX TIMES total. And, of course, this was all pre-Melisandre bringing Jon Snow back to life. So….

Credit: HBO

Given the fact it took like ALL of Melisandre’s strength to bring Jon Snow back just ONCE, can you imagine the kind of power Thoros wields since he’s done the same thing half a dozen times like it’s NBD!? Will he be bringing more people back to life or is some other Lord of Light power display going to happen? CAN. YOU. IMAGINE???

Guess we’ll find out… next year.