Scarlet Meyer
August 06, 2016 12:57 pm

If your day needs a dose of adorableness, look no further than this epic video showing Pikachu’s ode to ketchup.

For a little context (which honestly, you don’t need to enjoy the cuteness), this video clip aired earlier in the week in Japan on the TV series Pokémon XY&Z, which is the latest iteration of the Pokémon series. While the episode itself was a pretty standard tale of action, adventure, and friendship in the Pokémon universe, it ended with this spectacular ketchup solo from the show’s most adorable sidekick.


Fans of the Pokémon universe will know that Pikachu’s love of ketchup is well documented. Pikachu is often seen drinking ketchup straight out of the bottle, gazing lovingly at his favorite treat, or sometimes just hugging a bottle of the stuff. Why does Pikachu love this tomato condiment so much? Listen, why do any of us love ANYTHING?


And although Pikachu’s fascinating and absurdly adorbs song doesn’t have much to do with the episode, we don’t really mind. Seeing Pikachu and his friends sing a cute, catchy song while dancing in a surreal tomato-y universe is all we really need to know. So watch it, and enjoy! We hope we can all find something to be as psyched about this weekend as Pikachu is about ketchup!