We’re kind of obsessed with this clip from Pete Davidson’s new stand-up special

Pete Davidson is one funny guy — and that’s the reason why he’s one of the youngest people that Lorne Michaels has ever cast on Saturday Night Live. But, Davidson is bringing his funny to a new network. Comedy Central just posted a clip from Davidson’s new stand-up special, called SMD, and it’s pretty fantastic.

Currently 22-years-old, Davidson pretty much has a wide career ahead of him. Crediting his successful SNL audition (which was just four minutes of stand-up) to Bill Hader, he still can’t believe he made it onto such an iconic show.  But his true love? Stand-up.

"Just because you have four or five minutes that’s funny, that doesn’t really mean anything. Also, it’s not funny. You just think it is because it’s your first time on stage," Davidson said to Uproxx about stand-up. "It’s a lot of getting up and doing terrible and trying to get better and stuff like that."

Well, congratulations, Davidson — this clip is the exact opposite of terrible.


Davidson crudely talks about Staten Island, and his experience with a flight on Cape Air — which, in Davidson’s words, is just like a “Volvo That Flies”

Davidson’s timing is so natural, and he just seems like the kind of guy you’d want to grab a beer with. You can catch all of SMD this Saturday night on Comedy Central!

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