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We’ve been a bit spoiled lately when it comes to Penny and Leonard on The Big Bang Theory. Between the wedding ceremony and the fun-filled clash of their families, we’ve really enjoyed watching their relationship grow. But as a recap of the most recent episode on Glamour aptly pointed out, in other ways it seems like Penny and Leonard are trapped in a holding pattern.

The show started off sort of centered around two nerdy guys trying to get the attention of a pretty girl, but the problem is we’ve long since fleshed out these tropes. We know Leonard and Sheldon and Penny now, and we know that they’re all more than the stereotypes that they were conceived as.

So why did this recent episode feel the need to REPEATEDLY point out that Penny is out of Leonard’s “league”? We GET it, Big Bang Theory. Try some development, eh?

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Since the characters on the show have developed over time, it seems especially odd that the writer feel the need to keep beating this dead horse. They’ve in all senses moved forward but still seem to be clinging to this core conceit that wasn’t very interesting to begin with; we’d much rather see Penny and Leonard growing together as a couple than continually be asked to laugh at the joke that is Leonard and Penny as a couple.

So after the nice emotional moments at the beginning of the season, it was a little jarring to see Penny approached by dude after dude wondering why she’s with Sheldon at the convention. We’re especially sad that she didn’t really stand up for him.

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We believe in you, Big Bang Theory, and your ability to just DO BETTER. Complex relationships changing and developing and being dynamic are SO much more fun to watch than a relationship that’s continually used as a punchline.