NCIS is one of CBS’s longest running and most successful shows. Almost as iconic as the show itself is one of its main characters, Abby Sciutto, everyone’s favorite forensic scientist. Well, brace yourselves, fans: Pauley Perrette is officially leaving NCIS this year. It’s the end of an era! Perrette confirmed the rumors on Twitter in a statement, saying that it was sad, yet true that she’s leaving the show.

However, she also asked fans not to believe the gossip that CBS or her castmates were upset with her.

Or that she’s starting a skin care line (although we might secretly be all about that). In the Twitter statement, Perrette wrote that this wasn’t a snap decision:

You have to admit, 16 years is a long time to do the same thing, so if Perrette needs to make a change, we support her! Though we really will miss Abby.

Mark Harmon, another NCIS staple, told CinemaBlend that the crime procedural’s success is no mystery. Harmon said the trick was,”You kick it right back to the scripts and people. It’s a very different collection of professionals who all are proud of what they do. They work hard every day, and we like coming to work, and we like each other.”

Whatever they do, let’s hope they keep NCIS going for as many seasons as possible. With or without Abby, we’ll always be fans.