Briana Hansen
Updated September 07, 2016 12:27 pm
Greg Doherty/Getty Images

If you don’t already adore Pamela Adlon for her foul-mouthed and totally-grounded characters on Louie and Californication, you’re about to fall in love. The actress is breaking down TV barriers by co-creating and starring in the first solo female-led show on FX. And, from the sounds of it, her gender isn’t the only groundbreaking element in this refreshingly gritty comedy.

Adlon will play an extremely relatable single mother in the upcoming show Better Things.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, Adlon talked about the fact that her character, Sam Fox, will be extremely different from the more put-together moms you typically see on TV.

She said, “My friends and I don’t walk around wearing high heels in perfect outfits. We wear jeans and sweatshirts and our hair is messy and we’re just like … we’re all different colors, shapes and sizes.”

The show was created by Adlon and her long time comedic collaborator, Louie C.K. The hilarious realness of an imperfect and exhausted single mom in her 40s who is trying to keep it together while raising three strong-willed children with their own eccentricities.

Simply put, it looks awesome.


The Better Things promos are simple yet magical, like how she “tests” the perfect pillow while out shopping.

Nothing is actually said, yet everything about this complicated character is hilariously communicated in a matter of seconds.

Better Things premieres tomorrow, September 8, on FX. And we will be watching.