Karen Belz
Updated November 14, 2017

Fact: You don’t have to be a child to enjoy Sesame Street. That’s why we’re so excited about Oscar The Grouch’s appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Our favorite green trash monster emerged on stage to talk about kindness — a lesson we all need a refresher on every once in awhile.

Oscar appeared after a bit in which DeGeneres was going to recycle a bottle of wine — since it was Tuesday, which is trash day, she made sure to take care of it ASAP. Of course, she ended up stumbling into the popular Muppet in the meantime.

DeGeneres mentioned to Oscar about how she heard kindness was the “theme” of 2017. Watch and listen to Oscar’s take on the topic.

As it turns out, Oscar isn’t super fond of the kindness theme — and isn’t totally sure how to be kind in everyday life.

The good news is, 2017 just started — and just like Cookie Monster can take a break from cookies on occasion, we’re sure that this famous Grouch will start becoming a bit more kind — and perhaps give up the goal of “spinach selfies” altogether.

Sesame Street will be airing its 47th season soon, directly to HBO. This season won’t just focus on kindness and empathy — it’ll also be the debut of an all-new “Elmo’s World” segment. While it’ll be different to see such a notable show switch networks, we’re excited for all the changes that Sesame Street has in store.