Alyssa Thorne
Updated Aug 25, 2017 @ 2:22 pm

We are so, so grateful to the almighty TV gods for this announcement. Orlando Bloom landed a recurring role in Carnival Row, an upcoming Amazon show. It’s not his first role on television as he’s appeared in Neftlix’s Easy, as an example. But it is his first recurring role.

So shoutout to those of you with a secret stockpile of Limited Too brand I <3 Orlando notebooks and accessories.

Now is your time.

Carnival Row sounds like a big push from Amazon into the ~genre~ space with original content. Set in a neo-Victorian city, the series centers on the growing tension between citizens and the mythical creatures who’ve immigrated to escape their war-torn homelands.

It must also be pretty great to lure top talent. Especially since Bloom hasn’t signed on for longer-term television commitments before. His character is described as follows:

In addition to playing Rycroft, Bloom will serve as a producer on the show, and we’re so excited to see the results of his creative input.

Plus, like, admit it. You never got over your crush on Legolas.

There’s no reason not to be thrilled to see Orlando Bloom returning to the fantasy realm.

#LOTR4EVER, right? Right! Yep, we are SO thrilled.