Credit: Netflix

There’s a lot of attention being paid to Orange Is The New Black right now, which just premiered its newest season. Most of that attention is positive. After all, the show features a diverse female cast, and it’s often been applauded for that.

But some of the show’s fans and avid viewers took to Twitter this past week to note that there was one unfortunate flaw in the new season, and it has to do with a pretty specific detail.

The mistake goes down in a scene in which Flaca decides to film a makeup tutorial with her friend Maritza. Maritza explains to the camera that she’s learned to work with whatever she’s got on hand. “What I’m doing now is contour and highlight. When I wasn’t in prison, I would do this with a MAC Pro palette and a #19 fan brush,” Martiza tells her imagined audience. “But in here, I use three spices that you can find in any kitchen: cinnamon, cumin, and Sazón Goya.” (She goes on to warn them that, yes, “your face will smell like your abuela’s pork.”)

As she names each spice, Maritza points to them. For cinnamon, she points to cinnamon. For cumin, she points to cumin. For Sazón Goya, she points to…a bottle of Goya Adobo.

While Sazón Goya is a mixture of coriander, cumin, garlic, and annato, Goya Adobo contains garlic, oregano, black pepper, and other “Latin spices,” according to the Goya website.

Twitter users responded pretty vocally after viewing the episode. @Rebeccaavilas wrote, “Hey @dianeguerrero__ episode 5 you said Sazón Goya not Goya Adobo. I was ashamed for a good minute,” while @project_vetrix complained, “It’s ADOBO!!!! How the hell do you get the Latina to screw that up?!” Meanwhile, @lexi_deltoro15 wrote, “When maritza in #OITNB5 calls adobo “sazón Goya”. I love her so I’m not over bothered. But come on y’all.”

It might not seem like an egregious mistake by the show’s producers, and in all fairness, it was probably just a minor slip-up. But for many Latinx viewers (and others) who appreciate the show’s progressiveness, it was clearly a disappointment.

Of course, it’s possible the whole spices mix-up was totally intentional and meant to foreshadow some later event. We’ll have to wait and see.