Chrissa Hardy
August 24, 2016 5:51 pm

Warning: Game of Thrones spoilers ahead.

It’s hard to imagine any of the actors on Game of Thrones being anything but sad when their characters get killed off. For most of them, their role on the show was also their big break. Jason Momoa (the late Khal Drogo), for example, frequently posts Game of Thrones-related tributes on Instagram, which often confuses the hell out of diehard fans because WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? Is he just sad the show is over for him? Is his character coming back to life? Stop toying with us, Drogo!

But in a recent interview with Elle, Natalie Dormer (the late Queen Margaery Tyrell), revealed that she’s not going to miss everything about her GoT days. And considering we last saw Margaery getting blown to bits by Cersei, it’s actually a surprise that the tension between Cersei and Margaery isn’t it. When asked what she’d miss the least, she told Elle Associate Editor Kristina Rodulfo,

“All the pins stuck in my head from the wig. I would set off a metal detector. And you know when your head gets really itchy? So when the wig gets put on at like 5:30, 6 A.M., and you can’t take it off until 7 P.M.—I won’t miss all the pins scratching against my scalp.”

Well that doesn’t sound fun at all. But you gotta admit, that painful wig held together by a bunch of pins resulted in extreme #hairgoals, because Queen Marg always had flawless locks.


It seems she didn’t hate everything about her look though, because in that same interview, she said that creators D.B. Weiss and David Benioff gave her Margaery’s wedding crown as a gift, and it’s currently sitting on her bookshelf. Which just gave all of us #crowngoals and #shelfiegoals, all at once.

It’s such a shame that Margaery is no longer with us. Let’s not forget how well she played the game, and how long she played it. She was married to Joffrey, you guys. That’s how determined she was to claim that crown.

So in honor of Queen Margaery of House Tyrell, here are some her sneakiest, smartest moments wherein her true badassery shined bright like a diamond.

When she set her sights on her ultimate goal.


Whenever she masterfully fed Joffrey’s and Tommen’s egos to get what she wanted.


All the times she legitimately scared Cersei.


When she’d get killer tips from her grandmother, Lady Olenna.


When she showed us how powerful vulnerability can be.


RIP, Queen Margaery. Westeros will not be the same without you.