Rachel Paige
Updated Oct 14, 2017 @ 12:21 am
once upon a time
Credit: ABC/Jack Rowand

Have you been trying to figure out how it was possible for Emma Swan to depart Once Upon A Time and leave Captain Hook behind? If this is something that’s been keeping you up at night since the Season 6 finale, and you’ve been stressed out since the Season 7 premiere, the the second episode of Once Upon A Time should answer all your burning questions. Should.

As you are more than likely well aware at this point, OUAT is now a new OUAT, and even though many of the characters are the same, this is a completely different story — because this is Henry’s story. We’re now in Hyperion Heights, and Regina is Ronie who owns a bar, Hook is Rogers and a police officer, and Rumple is Weaver who’s a pretty shady detective. There’s also Henry, who is now an Adult. It’s a little bit weird since Emma Swan isn’t in the mix, but there’s a reason for that.

Since there aren’t enough newborn babies in Storybrooke, and the family trees aren’t complicated enough, Emma and Hook are going to have a BABY. Baby! That’s why Emma doesn’t get to be a part of this new adventure. Off in the Enchanted Forest 2.0, Henry gets himself into trouble and has to call for help. Hook and Regina show up, sans Emma, and Henry is immediately like, “Is mom okay?” because Henry is a good kid. Emma eventually shows up to break the news herself, and it’s a joyous family reunion. Baby!

Credit: ABC/Jack Rowand

And now here is here it gets fun, and by fun I mean tricky and complicated. Henry, Emma, Regina, and Hook are all in this new realm. Know who else is in this new realm? Wish Hook. I literally do not have time to explain Wish Hook to you, so just go back and start watching from this episode of Season 6. The long and the short of it is that this is an alternate version of Hook (ahem, a flash-sideways Hook, if you will), so there are two Hooks.

Real Hook, Wish Hook. Got it? Great. Because when it comes time to leave the realm and go back to Storybrooke, Emma and Real Hook go; at Emma’s suggestion, Wish Hook teams up with Henry to try and track down Cinderella, and also Wish Hook’s daughter. Regina stays behind, too, because she’s clearly bored at home since there are no more curses to defeat.

So when this new ~curse~ takes hold and wipes everyone’s memories in Hyperion Heights, it’s not really Hook, it’s Wish Hook. That’s why it’s fine that Emma is MIA, because Hook hasn’t abandoned his wife and child to live in Seattle. Wish Hook is now the one doing morally questionable things with Rumple. I mean Weaver.

Elsewhere in this Once Upon A Time episode, there are hijinks at a ballet recital. Never change, Once Upon A Time. Never 👏 change 👏.