Rachel Paige
Updated Jan 11, 2017 @ 3:48 pm
once upon a time
Credit: Disney

There’s some major news out of Neverland today: Once Upon a Time has just announced that they’re getting ready to cast a brand new character, and it’s not just any regular character. Starting with the second half of Season 6, Tiger Lily is going to be stopping by ABC’s fantasy show, and that sound you hear is us CHEERING over this new announcement.

As first reported by TVLine, Tiger Lily will make her grand entrance into the world of OUAT for Episode 17 of Season 6 (the show is currently on Episode 11 right now, in case you were wondering). It also already sounds like this is a fierce, new female we can get behind. According to TVLine, this new TV version of Tiger Lily is “a force to be reckoned with.”

“She’s the kind of woman who’ll risk her life to save yours — and she’ll do it even quicker if it benefits her.”

Also mentioned in this amazing news is that yes, Tiger Lily has crossed paths with Killian Jones before. Oh boy, that’s sure to be an interesting reunion on OUAT.

And honestly, her history with Hook isn’t even the most exciting thing about this. Per TVLine, OUAT is looking to cast “a Native American actress in her late 20s to early 30s to fill the role.” Storybrooke diversity FTW.

You know what this means? All signs point to a Neverland return. It was announced earlier this week that the one and only Tinkerbell (played by iZombie’s Rose McIver) is returning to the show once again, and she is a Neverland native herself. With that being said, we probably won’t see Rumple’s dad, Peter Pan, but hey, stranger things have still happened on the show. So stay tuned.