One of our fav things about Once Upon a Time is the chance for exciting characters from Disney (and other!) classics to show up at any moment. We recently got to see a bit of live-action Tiana — which is, obviously, The Dream — via the show’s Comic-Con trailer. And now, Entertainment Weekly has revealed an amazing scoop about the new addition.

Mekia Cox, the actress who plays Tiana on Once Upon a Time, has been upped to series regular.

What’s more, Tiana (aka Sabine, on the cursed side of the coin) will get a flashback in Episode 5 of the forthcoming season. Suffice to say we’re excited to get some insight into the character’s past.

We always wonder how much OUAT is going to recreate the source material vs. tell its own tale. We’re sure this is a big question on the writers’ minds too! But they seem to have figured out what they’ll do with The Princess and the Frog.

Additionally, we just learned a bit more about what we can expect from the character.

And got a first look via TVLine.

They added that Tiana has been through a lot, but her defining trait is her strength.

We think The Princess and the Frog is a stellar jumping-off point for some juicy, new tales. So basically…can we meet Tiana onscreen now, please?!

Once Upon a Time returns to ABC on October 6th.