Thea Glassman
Updated September 26, 2017

Your favorite Once Upon a Time fairy tale characters are about to get into some serious trouble. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Once Upon a Time executive producers Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis, and David H. Goodman discussed a whole new curse that the characters have to deal with in Season 7.

And if you thought Regina was bad…just you wait.

To start, Once Upon a Time is going to be set far away from Storybrooke this time around. The seventh season will take place in Hyperion Heights, which is a “densely populated” part of Seattle, filled with fairy tale and non-fairy tale characters alike. Our new villain is Lady Tremaine who, according to Horowitz, wants to “push everybody away [and] gentrify the neighborhood, so that all these characters are separated forever.”

Goodman called Tremaine “Regina Prime,” and explained that she’s learned from all the mistakes of past curses.

So, basically, Regina is looking real good right about now.

Another difference between Storybrooke and Hyperion Heights? We won’t actually know who cast the curse or why (at least, not in the premiere), making things all the more mysterious. Kitsis also teased that they might not even break the curse this time around.

Watch the mystery unfold when Once Upon a Time returns to ABC on October 6th.