C. Molly Smith
Updated Jul 28, 2017 @ 4:21 pm

We’re still months away, but Season 7 of Once Upon a Time is already bringing about a lot of change — including a new accent for Robert Carlyle’s character. The actor, and Colin O’Donoghue, sat down with reporters at Comic-Con and revealed that plot details about the forthcoming season were so vague at the beginning, that he didn’t have much to go on.

So, he started with one accent and then, presumably upon learning more about his character and the season ahead, changed it to another.

Which means, he’ll have to re-record his previous lines for continuity, and that’s dedication.

O’Donoghue had a very similar experience. “For me it’s exciting to get to explore my character in a completely different way,” he began, calling it a great exercise. And it is that, sure, but the new character also took some getting used to. “We had a scene the other day and I played it a certain way,” he recalled. “I suddenly remembered, I have to do it different. For five years, we’ve played these characters a certain way with each other, and it’s different now.”

That it is — so the tension between the two onscreen will, naturally, be different too — but there are still a lot of similarities.

For instance, O’Donoghue teases that, “My character looks very similar to the other character…He might not have a hook, but he doesn’t have a hand.” (Wait a minute, he still doesn’t have a HAND?!) And more broadly, “We are Rumplestiltskin, we are Hook. Lana [Parrilla’s] still Regina. So, there will be elements of our old characters there, but there will be new personas in that.”

So, we’re one step closer to figuring out what this Once Upon a Time update will entail. Let the theories continue until the show returns to ABC on October 6th.