ABC's "Once Upon a Time" - Season Two?
Credit: ABC

When you’re given the chance to talk to the Once Upon A Time creators and showrunners, Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, at San Diego Comic-Con, you first start off with pleasantries, and then you cut right to the chase.

Is there a chance that Neal, Emma’s first love and Henry’s dad (and Rumple’s son) could return to the show. Again?

“Like in a flashback, or Baby Neal?” Kitsis immediately responded, and how could I forget that there are actually TWO Neals on OUAT? Also, pause to note that OUAT has this trend of naming babies after dead characters. Neal, Robyn, who’s next?

But yeah, there’s totally a chance Neal could come back…again!!

“The greatest thing about a flashback is that you can have anyone at any time,” Kitsis explained. “Michael Raymond-James [the actor who played Neal], we’re his biggest fans, last year was a regular on a show and we were very happy he came back to do the 100th [episode]. That was a time in Emma’s life and we don’t think we’re done telling Emma’s flashbacks. Could we see him again? Yes. But you never know.”

“On a practical level, were he available an willing, we’d happily have him back to appear in some flashbacks,” Horowitz added. “We were so happy we were able to work things out to have him in the 100th episodes. We love those stories between [Emma and Neal] and their past very much as well.”

Credit: ABC

DO YOU HEAR THAT? That’s the sound of a million #SwanFire fans screaming their little OUAT-loving heads off. NEAL COULD COME BACK!

Last we saw Neal, he was, well, dead. But he was also in some sort of ~beyond~ limbo. He wasn’t in the Underworld; he had alrady moved on. If OUAT wanted to go explore the world up there 👆 we’d most certainly get to see him again.

However, that might be too complicated. So, flashbacks it is!!

This season will dive into Savior Mythology, and Emma was the Savior when she met Neal. She just didn’t know it at the time. And hey, the OUAT crew is still constantly using Neal’s vacant (and probably rent controlled) apartment in NYC, so he’s bound to come up in conversation agin. And if you talk about him, we’re going to have to see him, so please make our OUAT-Neal dreams come true 💫