We were all sad to find out Emma Swan, aka Jennifer Morrison, would be leaving Once Upon a Time. She made her final bow at the end of Season 6, but wait! Turns out it wasn’t final at all. Emma Swan will return in Season 7 for one last swan song (sorry). We don’t actually have many (read: any) details about the episode she’ll appear in, but we do know that it’s going to be Hook-centric, as it’s called “A Pirate’s Life.”

Adam Horowitz (who’s had all the answers lately) told Entertainment Weekly:

Credit: Jack Rowand/ ABC

Naturally, we’re not getting out of this Once Upon A Time storyline without some tears. We really wouldn’t expect anything else, but we’ve learned to dread it any time a showrunner calls something “emotional.” Edward Kitsis, the second executive producer of the series continued:

From the looks of it, we’re about to get one hell emotional reunion between Emma — who has stayed the same age…forever? — and her now adult son, Henry.

Credit: Jack Rowand/ ABC

Suffice to say, we’re SUPER excited to see our girl again, because we’ve gotten so attached to her over the years! But, also, um. Please send tissues and ice cream, thanks, before Once Upon A Time Season 7 kicks off on October 6th.