Thea Glassman
Updated September 14, 2017

Attention, Once Upon a Time fans — Adult Henry is swapping out his writerly pursuits for the open road. In other words, he’s going to be an Uber-like driver in the show’s upcoming seventh season, according to Entertainment Weekly.

The disillusioned writer will be picking up passengers in Hyperion Heights, a cursed neighborhood in Seattle. Oh, and the service is called Swyft, but it’s essentially the same thing as Uber and, ahem, Lyft, in case you didn’t catch that subtle reference.

Sadly, according to Once Upon a Time executive producer Edward Kitsis, the reason Henry switches careers is because his book wasn’t exactly well-received.

Yup, magical world or not, that sounds pretty relatable.

Kitsis added that Henry’s daughter, Lucy, might be the only solution to his identity crisis.

Swyft isn’t the only close-to-home addition to the show. We’re going to get to see the Once Upon a Time folks live in a whole new, modern world that Kitsis joked will involve “technology and juice bars and Instagram and robots.” If all that is true, talk about the modern treatment!

And sounds like there’s even more where that came from.

We’re so curious to see how these modern touches will play out, when Once Upon a Time returns to ABC on October 6th!