Rachel Paige
October 20, 2016 10:10 am


At least, that’s how we feel after watching the latest episode of American Horror Story Season 6. Let’s back up and recap for a quick second: Evan Peters was billed as a main cast member for Roanoke, yet didn’t show up until “Chapter 5″…and then he immediately died in the episode — but it’s okay, he’s just a ~ghost~ so he’ll be back next episode!!

Thankfully, he did indeed show up for “Chapter 6” in the flesh! Evan Peters is playing Rory, and he’s got red hair, and he’s married to Sarah Paulson! And everything is great and wonderful and life is beautiful!

…and then Evan Peters dies, for real, like TEN SECONDS LATER.

AHS, come on.

Considering we, as Evan Peters we enthusiasts, patiently waited for literally half a season for him to show up, only to have him rudely ripped away, you can imagine that there are lots of ~emotions~ when it comes to his untimely death:

Like, so many tears:

There was anger directed at the MurdeR House itself:

It was just like so many many feelings, okay??

On the bright side, hopefully this means that once again we’ll be treated to Ghost Evan Peters on American Horror Story, because who doesn’t love that? The only thing better than Ghost Evan Peters is, uh, Alive Evan Peters.

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