Credit: BBC Earth

Times are rough, for us humans — and for the planet. And what better way to channel all that election-stress than to move our gaze outward? We have such a beautiful world around us, and it needs us to pay attention to it. And what better way to kick off a new worldly focus than to check out Planet Earth II? We already LOVED the first Planet Earth series, and we’re literally so freakin’ pumped about this brand new extended trailer for Planet Earth II.

Like, you have to see this for yourself NOW.

If you want the inside scoop (duh), BCC Earth explains,

Our hearts just got *so* happy!

Like, come on, guys. How AH-MAZING does this sound? We’re seriously so pumped! And also paying new attention to how we treat the planet (hint: pretty darn poorly).

BBC Earth gives us even *more* reasons to be thrilled for this beauty,

Because nothing is quite like a killer score with a beautiful beautiful masterpiece. Ah! We cannot wait.