Credit: NBC

Cultural appropriation is being discussed a lot today. And that’s a good thing! People are being more mindful of cultural sensitives. That includes celebrities, many of whom are starting to pay closer attention to their actions.

Recently, Mark-Paul Gosselaar from Saved by the Bell took a stand against cultural appropriation and apologized for his own offensive mistake.

While reflecting on the ’90s hit series, Mark-Paul addressed something that he wasn’t proud of. In one episode, his character Zack Morris gave a history presentation about his character’s Native American ancestry. As you might expect, it was totally cringe-worthy.

Mark-Paul now thinks the episode was completely insensitive to Native Americans, and he apologized!

Credit: NBC

The scene portrayed Native Americans in a negative light, and we’re so happy that Mark-Paul saw it fit to address it. He told Entertainment Weekly:

Cringeworthy and offensive indeed, but it’s nice to people taking this issue seriously. It’s about time we all start treating each other, as well as all of our cultures, with respect.