Credit: HBO

Game of Thrones has captured our hearts and minds for the past five—almost six—years. We’ve fallen hard for Arya and Sansa (not to mention hottie Jon Snow), and every Monday after an episode’s premiere involves a rigorous discussion full of future predictions as to the future king or queen of Westeros.

Well, now you can take your predictions and actually bet on who will rule Westeros on the website Sky Bet. And the current odds are in Daenerys Targaryan’s favor, with her odds of ruling 7/4.


Meanwhile, the Starks are in close second and third, with odds of 8/1 and 10/1 respectively. Not great odds, but not terrible, either.


Though Sophie Turner (aka Sansa) expressed the belief at this year’s comic con that Littlefinger might win the game of thrones, his odds are a measly 20/1. Of course, we know that could change in the span of one episode. And Littlefinger sure is conniving…


Regardless, when you want proof that your theory on who will rule Westeros isn’t crazy, be sure to check out your favorite’s odds on Sky Bet. And hey, if you want a totally adorable longshot, Ser Pounce has odds of 500/1.