Karen Belz
March 03, 2017 6:50 am

We definitely can’t wait to watch Octavia Spencer host Saturday Night Live for the first time this weekend. While Spencer seems to have a lot of dramas under her belt, we know for a fact that she’s incredibly witty. (Remember the funny 30 Rock episode she appeared on? She was pretty amazing.)

Spencer will be joined by musical guest Father John Misty. But, there’s only one thing that Saturday Night Live really needs in order for Spencer’s show to be a complete success. Spencer, uh — needs to show up to the correct studio.

We get that a lot of shows broadcast out of Rockefeller Center, but we kind of figured that someone would help guide Spencer to the correct place. Luckily, she wasn’t too far off.

In her adorable promo, she ends up running into a pretty notable guest by mistake.

We’re loving the way that Spencer handles the run-in with legendary SNL figure Seth Meyers. Sure, he’s got his own successful late night show these days, but we’re still missing his Weekend Update commentary. It’s pretty sad that he’s sitting alone eating salad at his desk, but not totally unbelievable. (We mean, we’ve been there.)

Octavia Spencer also filmed a few standard promos to advertise her episode.

She’s got a ton of chemistry with Kenan Thompson, so we know this show will be a total breeze for her.

We can’t wait to check it out this Saturday!