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It’s been months since the Netflix series Stranger Things dropped, and we’re still obsessed with everything about this show. Especially those kids. Whether they’re busy being the most adorable part of the Emmys, or are just playing goofy games with Jimmy Fallon, we’re basically fans for life at this point.

And Noah Schnapp, who plays Will, just gave us a reason to fall a little harder. If that Panic! at the Disco video wasn’t enough to make you fall for him, wait until you hear his thoughtful answer regarding fan speculation on his character’s sexuality.

While some fans have speculated about Will’s sexual orientation (if you’ll remember, Winona Ryder’s character says his father thought Will was gay), Schnapp thinks it’s best to keep people guessing.

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He then went on to say that, further more, it really doesn’t matter if Will is gay.

And while some of Noah’s Instagram followers have expressed disappointment in his response, citing the need for LGBT representation on TV — his answer doesn’t sound like him sidestepping the answer to us. What you take from the story about being an outsider is your own. In other words, your interpretation doesn’t need to be canon for it to be valid. As he said, “we all relate to being different.”

Well said, Noah! We hope to keep hearing great things from the Stranger Things kids!