Credit: Netflix

The 90’s are alive and well in the San Francisco, specifically the Tanner House. We got a huge dose of nostalgia last year when Fuller House landed on Netflix, and brought back our favorite “everywhere you look family,” and we binged the whole thing. Fuller House is returning for a second season next year, and in an effort to pack in even MORE 90’s stuff, they’ve landed a MAJOR guest star.

Specifically, Jordan, Jonathan, Joey McIntyre, Donnie, and Danny. AKA, The New Kids on the Block.

Earlier today, Fuller House shared a behind-the-scenes look at the second season, with Candace Cameron-Bure, Jodie Sweetin, and Andrea Barber rocking some awesome KNOTB shirts. They’re not just wearing their KNOTB love loud and proud, they’re gearing up for the guys tho actually drop in for an episode.

The guys shared the same picture to their Instagram, mentioning that they’re “hanging tough” with this crew.

According to, who got their hands on some Fuller House spoilers, “Kimmy and Stephanie screw up DJ’s birthday plans and try to recruit her favorite boy band of all time to make it up to her.”

Just think about how much DJ is going to FREAK OUT when the boys actually waltz into her life, and also think of the dancing.

The episode is currently filming, and you can check it out whenever Fuller House Season 2 lands on Netflix, and hopefully that’s SOON.