daisies 2
Credit: Warner Bros.

When you think of Gilmore Girls love stories, two come to mind:

Rory, and Dean, Jess, and Logan .

Lorelai, and Luke and Christopher.

But we’re forgetting one major person here: Kirk MAX.

Credit: Warner Bros.

Remember Max, from all the way back in Season 1? He was Rory’s English teacher at Chilton, and he and Lorelai hit it off. They started dating. He proposed. He sent her a thousand yellow daisies and our hearts swelled up 15 sizes, and then broke when Lorelai ended their engagement.

Credit: Warner Bros.

Max returned in Season 3 for two episodes, where it became clear that he wasn’t exactly over Lorelai yet, but didn’t want to get any closer to her, and that makes sense. Max doesn’t make any other Stars Hollow appearances after that. It also sounds like he won’t be back for the Gilmore Girls revival, with showrunner Amy Sherman-Palladino telling Entertainment Weekly, “One person I didn’t figure out how to get in [to the revival] was Scott Cohen [who played Max], whom we love so much. Not that we’re not still thinking about him, but we couldn’t figure out how to get Max in there.

So, now explain why the Netflix Instagram account is SHARING PICTURES FOR TEAM MAX???

Not only does Gilmore Girls have their own Instagram, but often the Netflix account will share images, too. Also, the Netflix accounts from all around the world as well. This picture comes to us from Netflix UK and Ireland, and we need to talk about it immediately.

We’ve got six coffee cups, naturally, and the top row is reserved for Rory. The bottom row is all about Lorelai, and yes, we’ve got Team Luke and Team Christopher cups, depending on how you’re feeling. But there’s also one for Team Max. Which is weird. Yes, Max did play a huge role in the early years of Gilmore Girls, but then he ~disappeared~. Honestly, it would have been funnier (and made more sense) to see a Team Kirk mug here.

But we don’t. We see MAX.

Someone at Netflix had to make this image for it to be shared with the world, and now we better start thinking about the real possibility that Max is going to stroll back into town. And yeah, Sherman-Palladino said that he won’t be back, but A Year in the Life has to have a few major surprises, right? This might be one of them.