Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated Dec 01, 2016 @ 9:03 am
Credit: Pexels

Despite progress within the LGBTQ+ community, myths surrounding bisexuality are still prevalent. Common myths about bisexuals are that they need to pick a side (ugh), or that bisexuals are somehow selfish or not trustworthy. But this bisexual comic explores identity with a new web series, and not only is it totally free — so get ready to binge-watch, friends! — but it’s actually *so* amazing.

According to The Advocate, Los Angeles-based comedian and musician Bill Posley is challenging stereotypes about bisexuality with this web series that debunks myths surrounding bisexuality.

Posley notes that he’s not speaking for everyone who’s bisexual. He’s just telling his own story.

Why did Posley want to create this web series? To raise awareness of issues specifically faced by bisexuals. He said,

We’re seriously cheering right now. Bisexuals face specific marginalization, with biphobia negatively impacting bisexuals’ mental health and experiencing hate from both the straight world and the LGBTQ community.

Credit: Viceland / giphy.com

As a result, we’re so relieved that this web series is being made, and we hope it encourages even more bisexual people to know that they have support and love if, and when, they decide to share their own stories.